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Wolfhound Web's web design services offer Irish businesses accessible, useable and search engine friendly websites. We don't just design websites for our clients, we design websites for our client's clients. What use is a website to a business if it's not helping to sell your business and inform your clients?

We create custom web designs to match the core values and ideas of a business by learning what the business is all about, how it operates and what it's main objectives are. By learning these attributes we can design a website that accurately portrays a business online.

We think of the end user throughout the design process. How will they use the website? What information should be most important to them? What are they getting from visiting your website? This enables us to create a website's architecture and features in such a way as to entice and encourge user interaction.

All our websites are delivered with a content management system and are created in such a way to allow our clients to easily update their own website's content from text and images to videos and meta tags.

We review all the website's content and optimize images to make sure we build a search engine friendly website with relevant meta tags and search engine friendly links to give a website the best chance of being found online from the minute it's launched. This is all part of our complete web design service.

If you'd like to learn more about our web design services, why not give us a shout?


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Web Design Services

  • Custom website designs
  • Optimized content
  • Search engine friendly links
  • Full Content Management System
    • Manage and update your own website
    • Add text, images, videos with ease
    • Create news and blog posts
  • Google Analytics tracking

Creative solutions based on years of industry experience.

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